Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 47

S hopping for other people during the holidays is great and all, but why should others have all the fun? Be generous with YOURSELF and put your own name on your giving list this year. We know you've been working your ass off. You are hustling. You are showing up. You are making a difference. Now, reward yourself! Handmade Gifts by Badassery Community Members VeĆ­se Beauty by Angelica Caporuscio All natural, manufactured using FDA standards, NOT tested on animals, Free of Artificial Fra- grances, Colors & Preservatives, Free of petro- leum or paraffin, Free of SLS, Free of toxic mate- rials, Handmade in small batches to give you the freshest products. What more can you ask for? Goddess Bath Blends by Karla Mejia Pink Himalayan Bath Salts for releasing ten- sion. Calendula to help you open up to receiving. Chamomile to help you relax & tap into your pur- pose. Lavender to embody peacefulness. Roses to connect into divine love. All blends are made with 100% Organic flowers. 46