Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 4

Letter from the Editor... LIFE WILL NEVER BE HANDED TO YOU. It’s your job to create it. Life is so full of wonder and hope. There is so much glitter that is just waiting to rain on someone, but if you are waiting for the opportunity to come and smack you in your face, you will die waiting. I used to live my life for that next paycheck. That next big break that was going to come along and swoop me up. I couldn’t figure out why some people just had this all figured out. They seemed to take all the sparkly trips and had their kids lined up like perfect little ducks. Why did they get all of the opportunities while I struggled to make it through a work day? Why me? That why me. That poor me attitude is what kept me without the opportunities. It kept me small, insecure and with a zero percent of thriving anywhere on my bleak horizon. What I really should have been saying was WHY NOT ME? A small but simple perception that could have changed everything. NOT is just a three letter word, I should have just shoved it in there. This was during my dark times as human. When I was busy bitching instead of just implementing. So much has shifted since those days. Maybe one day I’ll write the novel to go along with it, but until then realize that my scope of vision has drastically changed. Simply by living in the WHY NOT ME state of life. I eliminated luck from my vocabulary and realized that I was going to die a miserable old women if I didn’t decide to liberate myself. Life seems really long, but it’ll pass you by in a nano second if you are waiting for shit to be delivered to you with a big bow. START CREATING YOUR F*CKING OPPORTUNITIES Create them already. Start reaching out to other people first. You know that women who is totally slaying life? Yeah that one. Reach out and ask her to lunch or hop on a video chat just to connect. If she says no, then ask ten more until you find your tribe. Do NOT wait for people to reach out to you. Create the opportunities yourself by asking others how you can collaborate together. Open your mouth and speak from your area of expertise. Open the doors for yourself. It’s up to you to get your foot in, just unlock your determination and roll on in. Start with what you have right now. You don’t need another resource. You definitely can’t wait until some magical lottery payday to move forward. Just start where you are with what you have. There will never ever be a perfect time. Now is your perfect time. How many times have you said no, just to watch everyone else moving forward? You only get that one phone call, that one last kiss, that one chance at free tickets to see your favorite person speak, that one meet up with friends over drinks, that one networking opportunity. You can never get those back. You want a business and a life that is full of opportunities, start making them. There are so many people that just need a jumpstart to their heart. Please read these words and then decide that you are going take action. You don’t have to wake up another day wishing shit was happening. Just start making it happen. Write that list and then get up and hustle your ass off. You are the special sauce, you are the magic that this world needs. XOXO, 3 a h t n a m a S