Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 34

Cultivate empathy and see how it goes. Work very hard and absolutely refuse to give up. And that’s a big one in the badassery books. You do not come across success just by hoping for it. And your world won’t change for the better unless you work for it no mat- ter how hard the circumstances might be. Boundaries are over, same goes for stereotypes. Any- one has a shot at success regard- less gender, age or social norms. Everything else is just an excuse. Now, I get it- living fearlessly demands an arsenal of strong attitudes and a robust confidence and we are not all blessed with such credence. Fake it till you make it, is the way to go in that case, in order to overcome your personal obstacles and relent- lessly pursue what you are after. Avoid the temptation of taking a shortcut, it will only come back to bite you in thy arse. Failure is part of the plan. Don’t be afraid to fall. Fall, get up,take a bow like the true artist you are and carry on. Take breaks, as often and many as you need and re- gather your strength. When life gets too hard and you feel like you cannot cope, re- member the power of ‘yet’. I can’t do this YET. I don’t get this YET. You eventually will. Return to the point when life made sense and take it from the beginning. Point being, do not give up until you see the changes you want to see because the only way to make progress is to go the extra mile. Truly making a measurable impact in the world takes a lot of guts indeed. But you are doing this for yourself first; keep that in mind to stay motivated. The fact that others will benefit as well from your superb lifestyle, is simply a won- About the Author Chelf is a coffee-addict, metalhead, vegan chef and content creator. She took a break from working in the food industry to create her own Chelfdom, a lifestyle blog that aspires to inspire unique people to be unapologetically themselves. She believes in quality over quantity, capsule wardrobes and luxe-minimalism.   derfully happy accident. Embody the values you would like to see in the world and grow a vibrant influencer presence to inspire others just be being you. Unapol- ogetically you, you, with your prolific individualism, blurring the boundaries, making your own rules, smashing the molds that do not fit, rebelling against conventionalism, thinking for yourself, being the change you want to see. This is how YOU are going to change the world. 