Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 33

W ake up, grab a brush and put a little make- up. Listen to SOAD while you are at it, otherwise my reference will go to waste, and I’m sure we are all on a waste- not-kind-of-lifestyle, please do not let my reference go to waste. All set for the day ahead of you, you ask yourself how you are going to change the world today, while you slip on your vegan-fur, designer sliders and sip your chai latte. But are we really capable of changing the world? Harsh reality check, we are not. We cannot, will not, change the whole world. BUT what we can do is change the world around us and this is just as important, don’t let them fool you. How do we do that you may ask yourself. The circumstances might not always be ideal -au contraire- , but if you lead by example and go be a fearless badass, others