Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 26

The universe is giving you insight to your shadow. For this to hap- pen you are going to come across plenty of asshats and I really mean plenty of them. and it was my actions. Look- ing back at this time, it was the biggest opportunity for me. It started my awareness of my shadow and myself work on my shadow begun. I have huge grat- itude for this time in my life and those that were involved. With- out this opportunity I wouldn’t have turned within and faced my shadow. It turned out to be one of the biggest gifts. In the first few years of my shad- ow journey work it was hard, heavy, yuck and depressing. However the benefits where frig- gin amazing. I felt lighter, had clarity and able to shift things that were triggers to things that didn’t bother me anymore. And my promise to respond rather than react started to happen. The universe gave me (and still does) plenty of opportunities to either respond or react. My eruptions got smaller and small- er. To be really honest it still happens, however it’s far and few between, especially as I become more aware of myself and con- tinue to do shadow work. I learnt that triggers gave me HUGE insight to myself. That is what triggers are all about, you! Next time you are triggered, fo- cus on you and journal asking: Why do I feel triggered? What is this triggered opportuni- ty showing me so I can continue to grow and learn and be the best version of me? What can I learn from this? (so it stops happening) What do I need to let go of? How do I want to feel? Really dig deep. Go with what comes up and just write it all out. If things come up and you don’t want them on paper, you can safely burn the paper. Shadow work is continual. Things will continue to come up however learning to look within and work through it, will give you your power back  About the Author Im a KickAss Goddess Coach, Naturopath, Herbalist and an Intuitive. My passion is "Empowering Women to Empower Themelves, through Intuition & Self~Love". Connecting with your intuition is the key to unlocking all that had been holding you back and opening all areas to being happy, motivated, have direction, clarity, have purpose, passion and live the life you want and love!!! Time to get over the BS of not good enough, fears, shadows, lack of self worth and turn your scars into stars but stepping in Your power and SHINE!!Be apart of the New Generation of Empowered Women!!! 25   