Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 22

chest. In the words of the great Sherlock Holmes, the game was afoot. When she saw what had caught Rain's attention, her eyes went wide. Suddenly Raven hurried to the front door and donned winter boots, making her way out onto the lawn. At this point I rose and walked over to the still open door, lean- ing on it casually, though my heart was still racing. Raven just stood there in the fresh snow, gaping at the scene before her. In the snow were a collection of hoof prints, sleigh tracks and a trail of silvery glitter, flickering in the dim light as if the snow itself were alive. She turned to me, tears of joy streaming down her face and in that instant, I knew my gam- bit had been an overwhelming success. point, so I'll conclude before I get too emotional and short out my keyboard with tears and other such nonsense. I smiled at the love of my life and said quietly, almost apologetical- ly, "I've got so little to give, so I decided to give you what you've always given to me... a little mag- ic. Besides," I said with a noncha- lant smile, "The Big Guy owed me a favour." I would love nothing more than to have Raven and Rain with me again for Christmas. I no longer have that option, but it's likely that the important people in your life are still here, waiting for you. Don't miss the opportunity to give them your full attention, love and compassion. It means more to them than you will ever know. The weeping/laughing hug and love I felt in that moment, and the joy of her sister and parents (who were all in on the scheme) was the most precious gift I could have ever gotten. I wish that moment could last forever. Even now I can feel my heart pounding and my eyes welling up as I share it. Dear reader, you've been end- lessly patient with me up to this This holiday season, make the choice to give love and compas- sion as gifts. They cost nothing, but are worth everything. This year, instead of presents, why not give of your presence? You just might create a little magic of your own.  About the Author Mackenzie Clench is a writer, creative instigator, author, agent provocateur and part-time Lord of the Dance. He's also the CEO, Scribbler and Fuss Maker in Chief of Mackenzie Clench Creative, helping entrepreneur-shaped humans refine their messaging to draw a through-line from the heart of their business to the heart of the clients. Mackenzie regularly kicks over the apple cart of "that's-the-way- it's-always-been-done" and gives the copywriting cognoscente an- eurysms on a nearly daily basis. He believes that 1 + 1 = 3, women are the future and that the coolest dinosaur is the thesaurus. He's currently on a mission to show that every single human-shaped human on this big blue marble is a walking, talking, latte-sipping engine of creation. Contrary to rumours, Mackenzie Clench is not Batman, but he wishes he was. Be gentle.    21