Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 2

Inside this Issue p. 3 Letter from the Editor p. 35 Badass Bosses Spotlight p. 7 Shattering the Box & Creating My Own p. 45 Badass Gifts for You! p. 11 How Do You Handle the Haters? p. 53 Manifesting an Abundant Life p. 15 Finally, the Truth About Spirituality p. 59 10 “Don’ts” During Your Mort- gage Process p. 19 A Little Bit of Magic p. 63 Keeping Your Eye on the Prize p. 23 What Are Triggers All About? p. 61 The Courage to Feel p. 27 Your Brand VISIBILITY Is Directly Linked To Your Earning Power p. 69 Energy Forecast for December 2017 p. 39 Are We Capable of Changing the World? p. 73 p. 77 6 Things to Give Up in 2018 How to Write a Book Even If You Don’t Think You Can On the Cover Better With Color p. 39 photography courtesy Brett Donar 1