Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 17

Y ou read spiritual books, you read magazines, you meditate everyday and you still can't think why things happen and why you mess up. The truth is you will always step off your spiritual path. My nine year old is currently sat on his bed for his back chat and I got mad. Really mad, there's only so many times you can be called an idiot by a child without losing it, because they are getting their own way. Do I want to scream at him until my throat is hoarse because he's not listening? Yes! And the worst thing is the fact that I know better, I know not to engage because this is a re- flection of my own fears coming out in my child. But even though my higher self is telling me this, I am way beyond the point of listening. I am at the point of no return and I know that I need space to close down the mind monkeys and remember who I am. So truthfully, what do you do when you step off your spiritual path? Do I want to hug him at the same time and tell him every- thing is okay? Yes! I love this child with all of my being 1. Remember that as easy as it is to forget who you are it's just as easy to remember. You see we are all light. That is how we come into the world as these beautiful beings here to learn many les- sons and remember this truth. Do I want to force him to listen to me and stop being disrespect- ful? Yes! 2. Your comeback rate. When you commit to daily practices and aligning with your soul, you will still fall off the wagon. We all do. What matters is how soon you return to your centre. You could choose many ways to do this. For me, when I get trig- gered by my children I head to the bathroom, take a few deep breaths and pray. I ask that my higher self speaks through me to say what I need to say to resolve the situation. 3. The lesson. Once the situation has subsided look at the lessons or beliefs that have been promi- nent in this. I do this by sitting with my eyes closed with the situation and asking my higher self to show me what needs to heal and be released. I allow the feelings to arise and I don't cen- sor them. I surrender to them, because it is only when we truly surrender something that we can let it go. 4. Let go of the guilt. You can't be perfect all of the time. There are 16