Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 13

I n a digital world it is so easy to hit the hide or delete button when someone posts a comment on your page in your group that you do not like. Do you do that? If you said YES this is for you (if you said no, congratulations, but read on as you may learn a few new techniques to handle hat- ers.) We’ve all been there, we are upset that a product we bought didn’t hold up to what we ex- pected or we received terrible service at a store- what do you do? Take to social media of course. The same stats hold true today as they have for cen- turies--- when you have a bad experience you will tell double the amount of people about it then if it is a good experience. In the world of marketing, word of mouth is still King, so it makes sense that you would want to quickly delete the nastygram someone leaves on your Face- book page, but what good does that do? Imagine for a moment- you have really upset one of your custom- ers and you know it. You know exactly what you did right and what you did wrong, and you thought you came to a resolution but they decide to take to social media anyway. I know- you are cringing right now, I mean, who has time to deal with haters, especially when you do your best every day to do the right thing. I mean, come on, entrepreneurs are managing so much as it is, why would we want to take this on too? Here is why: Curious viewers want to know… that’s right- the other members of your group, your other cli- ents or customers- they are now watching, listening and waiting to see how you reply. Humans love to watch drama unfold, like a train wreck… so, you have a golden opportunity to step up your game and outshine your hater. You know that old saying- Kill em’ with kindness! Use that! Be empathetic to your hater, and don’t respond in a way that will antagonize them to contin- ue bad mouthing you. As far as you know, right now your page is the only place they are hating on you. You want to keep it there. It’s a conversation starter... otherwise known as “engage- ment”. Use it to your advantage. Engage with your hater, publicly and acknowledge that you un- derstand or hear their concern. Sometimes, haters take to social media because they don’t like confrontation, and a phone call or email can seem too personal. Try and get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible, in a way that is helpful to others 12