Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 10

not back down nor apologize for my perspective. To recognize the authenticity and validity of my point of view even when it clash- es with the other person – be it client or (in this case) professor. I will not alter myself nor chip away at the woman I’ve fought hard to become to make this prof happy by restricting myself within her parameters. Because that will not help nor change my personality magically to make me good at – or like! – using costs, margins, percentages to inform decisions and strategy. That is not me. After all, isn’t that what makes me an entrepreneur? Thinking outside the box or – gasp! – cre- ating a different box entirely, only to smash and recreate again when it doesn’t suit any longer. She told me ‘here is your box; work inside it’ to which I re- Just wait – the box I create will spond with ‘oh, what a really nice be fucking amazing. box; it doesn’t fit me. Thanks, no, I’m going to create my own  box instead.’ About the Author Sadie has lived in the South for over 22 years, though she still considers herself a mid-west girl, having grown up outside Chicago. Her experience runs the gamut – from the legal field to interior design to content writing and marketing/market research. Her undergrad degree is in Psychology and Criminal Justice, followed by nearly five years as a paralegal/legal research assistant. She then spent time raising children and renovating her house from top to bottom – which led to opening her own interior design firm. Sadie is a creative free spirit; she’s been called a “world changer” due to her affinity for transforming the world around her. 2017 saw both turning 40 and the completion of her Master of Science in Merchandising and Business Development (she’s thrilled at having letters behind her name!). A self-proclaimed and unabashed badass over-achiever, Sadie is full-time single mom to three children while also putting herself through grad school and pursuing her personal dreams and career pas- sions. Her expertise as a freelancer/entrepreneur gives her in depth understanding of the professional world and offers her the opportunity to work with business professionals to help [H\YH[\YHZ\\[ۜ˂ۙHوYYx&\[X[\\HHܚ]\[H\Y]\[و\\ۘ[\^\œX\Y H][ۈ\^H[\[HKB[XY^[x&\ܚ][۝\[ M]HYH[HH\^HH\ۜY\\[H]HHܞK][\Hݙ\[HYXKHY\]]K[HYܙ[[H[YKBHHHHHBB&