Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 51

Veronica Jorden Veronica Jorden is a serial entrepreneur and a military spouse jack-of-all trades. Born a military brat, her childhood was spent traveling the world, always with book in hand. Now married to a career Army soldier, she has worked in a myriad of industries – in- cluding everything from non—profit to manufacturing, and human resources to govern- ment contracting. But no matter where she’s lived or the job bringing in the paycheck, the desire to be free from the corporate grind has been a constant. When the desire to write and help authors tell their stories grew to strong to resist, she returned to school and earned a BA in English and Creative Writing. Since then, she has worked with dozens of independently publishing authors to help the polish and perfect their books for publication. When she’s not working (which is rare), she enjoys baking cupcakes, crochet, action movies, hard cider, GoT, the Walking Dead, and planning a never-ending list of home improvement projects. She lives near Annapolis, MD with her husband Dave, her three children, Kaylin, Noah, and Jess, and their crazy goat-cat-ninja Shih Tzu named Q.   50