Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 49

Debra James I'm Debra James, owner of, and award-winning designer with, Design Line Works, and I'm the catalyst who can turn that dream space in your head into a real space in your home! My goal is to balance beautiful form and fantastic function while creating a space that instantly screams, "YOU." My design process begins with taking the "bones" of our space and making sure it func- tions well for you. It's like making a cake. Once you have the body of the cake (the fUnc- tion) you can move on to the best part - the frosting! These are the elements that make the space uniquely YOURS. Starting with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Interior Designers Institute in New- port Beach, California, I've worked with many custom home builders, architects and of course homeowners during all phases of construction. I've spent over a decade in Jack- sonville and the surrounding area putting together what I call my "A-team," a group of trusted, qualified tradesmen who do the heavy lifting of turning your dream space into reality! I'm not everyone's designer, but I just might be YOUR designer. There's only one way to find out - we need to talk!   48