Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 46

I am not the type of designer that first comes to mind for most peo- ple. Most often I can be found in jeans, a sassy t-shirt and a pair of well worn chucks. If that's not okay with you, we are probably not go- ing to get along. I am way more comfortable under your kitchen sink or tearing out your drywall to see what's back there than I am fluffing pillows. That's just me. I love totally destroying your space and putting it back together. Thus, my self-proclaimed title of "Re- modelista". Clients appreciate my hands-on approach of designing their spaces. Great clients sometimes have great ideas but are not always sure how to execute them. l love it when clients like to be involved in the creative part of the process. Although there are times when the choices they make can make the project more difficult, it is after all their space and if it's something they really love, I try to find a way to make it work. Many designers I know don’t care to work this way however I welcome it and enjoy the challenge most of the time. Not every project will be "portfolio worthy", it is more important to me to please the client. fire is they always have friends that are usually a lot like them. Because of this about 80% of my business now comes from referral, (yay!) so don't ever be afraid to put yourself out there just as you are. It does not happen overnight, but it hap- pens with perseverance! Hopeful- ly this will 7&R6VRvw0FRfV6RF涖rbFrF@VBw2&r66'FVrBBb&Bv&'WBN( 2খfW7FVBRFR&W7BFr&WBv&rǐvF6ƖVG2FB6WBW"6VऒvFV'&W2vW"bBv&BvrFW6vW"vFFW6vƖPv&2BvFR6FǗ7Bv6GW&FBG&V76RW"VBF&V76RW"Rגv2F&6R&VWFgVf&BfF7F0gV7FvR7&VFr76RFB7FFǒ67&V2%R גFW6v&6W72&Vv2vFFrFR&&W2"bW"76RBr7W&PBgV7F2vVf"RBw2ƖRr6R6RRfRFR&GbFP6RFReV7FR6fRFFR&W7B'BFRg&7FrFW6R&PFRVVVG2FBRFR76RVVVǒU%2FV'&W0CP7F'FrvF&6V"b'G2FVw&VRg&FRFW&"FW6vW'27FGWFPWw'B&V66Ɩf&wfRv&VBvF7W7FR'VFW'2&6FV7G2Bb6W'6RVvW'2GW&r6W2b67G'V7FwfP7VBfW"FV6FR66fRBFR7W'&VFr&VWGFrFvWFW vB6ג$FV"w&WbG'W7FVBVƖfVBG&FW6VvFFPVgƖgFrbGW&rW"G&V76RF&VƗGvBWfW'Rw2FW6vW"'WBW7B֖vB&RU"FW6vW"FW&Rw2ǒPvFfBWBvRVVBFFƲFW6vƖWv&26Ю("Z9