Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 42

out perform the multinational cor- porations who are destroying the planet and wiping out whole spe- cies. We can collectively support better leadership in positions of power. We can collectively change capitalism into something better. And don’t think for a moment, that you’re just one person, and your business is barely paying your own bills, so how can you possibly rise to these kinds of challenges! When you decide to uplevel your business, you uplevel our evolu- tion on this planet. We can do more together than any one person or one company or one government can do on its own. We have the power when we rise together. We have the intelligence, the creativity, the inspiration, and the skills to solve any problem. To end homelessness, to feed the hungry, to stop domestic violence, to treat the mentally ill and elimi- nate the crimes they commit. Whatever your favorite cause, we can make a difference. But only if we choose that path into the fu- ture. And it all starts with YOUR success. It starts with your vision, your why, your mission, and your move- ment. It starts with YOU showing up as the badass leader of your movement and shining your light as brightly as you possibly can so that others can find their way out of their own personal darkness. It starts with taking care of that light so that it continues to shine and doesn’t get dimmed by the difficulties we face everyday. to lift each other to the highest heights possible. And it begins today, with you ac- knowledging your power and agreeing to use it to help human- ity survive what’s next. Using your light to write the kind of future you want to leave as a legacy to the next seven generations. We are on the cusp of plane- tary change and it’s time for us to evolve, together, to reach the next level of human consciousness. As business owners, as thought lead- ers, as influencers, as badasses and as women. Welcome to the (r)Evolution, my friend!  It starts when you join other high- vibe, mission-driven badasses in intentional communities designed Mollie’s clients started calling her the Merpirate Business Coach, because “she helps you uncover the hidden treasure that is your unique way of doing busi- ness and use it to attract soulmate clients that can’t wait to go on an adventure with you!”

She created Real To Ideal as a vehicle for global evolution, to help biz owners, thought leaders, and influencers grow their own movements and revolutionize their industries.

She’s a total geek for anime, steampunk, whiskey, and writing fantasy fiction where the misfits are the real heroes and the future will be decided by the dreamers who team up with the doers. Mollie Fagan 41    