Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 35

S amantha Paige is an artist, parent, and philanthropist with a passion for life. Even after multiple years spent earning degrees in history, internation- al relations and culinary educa- tion, a jewelry making career, liv- ing abroad, and becoming fluent in multiple languages, Samantha credits her health challenges as her greatest teachers. Those chal- lenges have shaped both her worl- dview and the manner in which she, as an artist and entrepreneur, has learned to give back and pay it forward in the most beautiful and connected way. Samantha is a role model and thought leader who shows how people can en- gage in vulnerable self-inquiry to live a connected, fulfilled life that feels like one's own. She asks her- self and others through her social- ly fueled campaign and project, Last Cut, "How do I create a life that feels like mine?" As a young adult cancer survivor and BRCA1 previvor, Samantha has learned to use life experiences as fuel, and generates raw dialogue with others about these life-changing moments through her speaking 34