Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 32

energy to again. Editing filled a void, it gave me purpose, but deep down I knew something was miss- ing. me. How to remind me that the girl who used to dream about flying to the moon or starring on Broadway was still alive. I had a business, but no dreams of the future. And so my business was just a se- ries of tasks. It was a means to an end. It was a way for me to prove that I was actually capable of run- ning a business, but I wasn’t in love with it, even though I found joy in helping authors edit their work. And at long last, the future I want has taken shape and form again. And I call it Storyteller Alley. Fate finally had a little sympathy for me and invited destiny to come for coffee. I gave in, stopped fighting, and let myself begin to imagine the life I wanted for myself. Like the clouds clearing after a storm, my life began to fill with possibilities. And people. Amazing people who always seemed to know exactly how to help me. How to inspire This new dream is the perfect marriage of the retail business love from my past and the book joy that comes from my current work with independently publishing authors. It has made me the owner of an online book store and the lead- er of a pack of voracious readers who critique each book we sell to make sure it good enough for our virtual shelves. And it has given me that shiny pearl in the form of our Author Discovery Boxes. These “reading experiences in a box” combine a signed copy of a double-vetted book and small business goodies selected to help bring the story to life. I have been lucky in so many ways in my life, and I still have a lot of work to do. Even after all of the business ups and downs, even after all I have learned, I certainly can’t claim to be a business guru. I don’t have a million dollars. I don’t live in a mansion. I drive a minivan and I still have a day job. But I’ H[[[HYYZ[[][\X[]\H\] B[\HH^K܈]\H&B\ۚXHܙ[\H\X[[\[]\[HZ[]\H\HX[ًX[Y\˂ܛHZ[]\H] \[\[][[Hܛ [^\][[ X\YYH\Y\\^HY\H\ܚY[H^\BXYو[\Y\8$[Y[]\][H۸%ٚ]X[YX\[[[X[\\\ݙ\Y[۝X[ˈ]X]\\Hx&\]Y܈H؈[[[H^XXH\\HHYHHHܜܘ]Bܚ[\Y[Hۜ[ [H\\Hܚ]H[[]]ܜ[Z\ܚY\ܙ]ۙœ\\ H]\Y[X\YHH[[\[ܙX]]Hܚ][˂[H[H\ܚY]ޙ[و[\[[HX\[]]ܜš[H\[\XZ\܈XX][ۋ\ۚXHܙ[[x&\ܚ[ X\\JKH[\Z[\Z\ܛ] X[ۈ[ݚY\\Y\ H[[XY [[[H]\Y[[›\وYH[\ݙ[Y[ڙX˂H]\X\[\\Q]\\ؘ[]K\YH[[^[[Z [\[Z\ܘ^H] X] [[HZHYKܞ][\[^KBBࠈ;