Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 28

An argument could be made that these predatory sites and the equally parasitic paparazzi (a word that cannot be spoken with- out the bile rising in one’s throat) are actually creating the demand they claim to be “feeding.” Indeed, would any of us truly wonder about an actor’s relationship or a model’s choice of holiday desti- nation if the press had not already planted the question? A self-ful- filling prophecy methinks. Sus- tainable industry taken to horrific extremes. There’s also the issue of authen- ticity. How well do we really know celebrities? Is what we’re seeing real, or simply another face, an- other persona being put on for the camera? I’ve argued for many years that “reality television” is as far from reality as its possible to be. No person behaves normally when they know there’s a camera watching their every move. Hu- mans are naturally self-conscious beings - it’s a function of being an intelligent, reasoning creature. Ce- lebrities are “on camera” nearly 24 hours a day in some form or an- other. They also have reputations to manage, which makes keeping up appearances all the more im- portant when your job depends on your behaviour. I could make the old joke here about actors being profession- al liars, so there’s no way to truly tell when the acting stops, but that logic doesn’t really hold up. The point I’m making here is that while yes, a particular celebrity might act like an arrogant, petulant child, it’s the media that magnifies this behaviour, and makes it seem far more important than it actually is. Celebrities are, in reality, just peo- ple - flawed, brilliant and foolish people - with extremely high pro- file jobs. We all have bad days, make poor decisions, and from time to time, behave in a less than dignified manner. The difference is, we aren’t being filmed, written about and judged at every instant. If your life was under constant (and often withering) scrutiny in the press, could you behave nor- mally?  Mackenzie Clench is an author, digital essayist, creative instigator, podcaster, agent provocateur and silhouette model for Men-at-Work signs. He's also the CEO, Scribbler and Fuss Maker in Chief of Mackenzie Clench Creative, helping entrepreneur-shaped humans refine their messaging to draw a through-line from the heart of their business to the heart of the clients. Mackenzie Clench 27 Mackenzie regularly kicks over the apple cart of "that's-the-way-it's-always- been-done" and gives the advertising intelligentsia aneurysms on a nearly daily basis. He believes that 1 + 1 = 3, women are the future and that the coolest dino- saur is the thesaurus. He's currently on a mission to show that every single hu- man-shaped human on this big blue marble is a walking, talking, latte-sipping engine of creation. He does not often write bios in the third-person but will do so if asked nicely. Cookies help as well.   