Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 24

published You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine and it was like being reborn. I stepped out of that life, and I was embracing a new one just like the caterpillar who turns into a butterfly. This was my jour- ney and I finally made it. I’ve been writing for years, many years and it was my dream to be a published author. That’s what I meant when I said last year was the worst and the best year that I had. Sure, it started off terribly, so bad in fact that I didn’t see a way out, but by the end of the year my whole life, including how I saw myself had completely transformed, so much so that I don’t even recognize the girl that I once was. We are in a new year now and I think that means that we can also give ourselves a break. We’ve made it and everything is going to be okay. I live a fucking awesome life and it’s only going to get better. If I thought that last year was great, it’s nothing compared to what this year is going to be like. Am I a Ba- dass? You’re damn right I am, I’m a Badass Viking. Have I always been? Maybe not, we all stumble here and there, but I think the important lesson is that we pick ourselves up and keep moving. That’s what is most important and that’s in busi- ness as well as in our personal life. Make this year count. Take some risks in your business and trust that they will work out. Sometimes it’s not always good to play it safe. But above all, believe in yourself no matter what because you are a Badass in everything that you do.  I have been a ghostwriter for ten years; I've written 20 books for clients and thousands of articles. I spend my days writing, trying not to get sucked in by my Facebook notifications or get into the whiskey decanter (just kidding...kinda). I’m obsessed with dinosaur movies and am completely enamored with the life of a vampire, as immortality would sure help me achieve my bucket list. In my spare time, I kick-box and fly a Cessna 172, depending on whether I seek out freedom or want to kick someone’s ass. Kimberly Love 23    