Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 20

possibly know enough? I realized how much I loved help- ing people discover their body mind connection and began offer- ing workshops on all things heal- ing! It was incredible. I ran a yoga stu- dio out of my home where I met amazing people who offered so much, and I learned so much. I then moved to a temple, where I worked alongside my husband, to care for the huge Hindu communi- ty. I raised my kids for seven years in the temple and learned so much about serving people through all types of life situations from the birth of new children, to marriage planning to helping people tran- sition through grief and talking to people who passed - I grew and learned so much. month in hospital and three years in ‘repair’. Our family moved into our own house and I began serving the larger community as an intui- tive healer, addictions healer and intuitive reader. In 2010, I had the opportunity to turn my healing gifts inward when I was burnt in a fire accident while lighting candles for Diwali, a huge Hindu Festival of Lights. I spent a I work with people every day doing readings of the aura, chakras and Akashic records. I love the work I do. It so fits in with what I wanted to do when I was title - introduce people to spirit so they can grow into self-love and connect to the eminent beauty that is all around us. I feel blessed to have found my path and am so thrilled to help other people heal self-doubt and fear so they can walk on their path of purpose too!  Christine Machiraju was born legally blind. She has always used her inner senses to help her navigate the world. She is deeply connected to beauty and believes that every heart and every being has a right to deep love, joy and peace. Her love for people drew her into studying healing arts from Ayurve- da to Western Medical herbology. She has a keen desire to help people heal shame, anxiety, fear and self doubt so they can fall in love with life and find deep meaning and joy. Christine’s goal is to help people heal their limiting be- liefs and uses this passion to find a way to unite humanity, and bring love back to our sacred planet. Christine Machiraju 19 