Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 2

Inside this Issue 3 Letter from the Editor 29 The Constant Pursuit of a Fantastical Future 5 Note from the Artistic Director 39 Welcome to the (r)Evolution 9 How to Reclaim Your Resolutions, Even if You’re Already ‘Failing’ 43 The Evolution of a Remodelista 13 Are Coupons and Sales a Symptom of Scarcity Mindset? 47 Badass Bosses Spotlights 17 A Path of Purpose 51 3 Skills Required to Build Your Bank Account 21 It’s Okay to Stumble As Long as You Come Back Fierce 55 5 Tips to Crush Writing Fears and Blocks 25 Burned by the Limelight On the Cover What's Your Last Cut? Samantha Paige Page 33 1