Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 19

I was born visually impaired... that’s what I’m told at least. The thing is, I have come to realize that my low vision in the physical world has given me the ability to see and sense multi dimensionally. What does that mean? It means I feel people’s hearts. This has made me very non-judgmen- tal as a person. This lack of judg- ment has made it very easy for people to come to me as a healer. As a kid, I was a friend to all the kids who had big issues at home. I became their ‘safe person’ and confidant. As an adult, I had to learn how to set healthy bound- aries and dissolve co-dependency and I now teach this to the empa- thy I work with. When I was a kid I loved Spirit so much and wanted to spend every waking second in communion, so I would go out and sit in the field and meditate while all the other kids played ball or hopscotch. I was a bit of a loner, but this helped me deepen my connection. At age 12 I was introduced to yoga and this blew open my spiritual world. I started to feel a deepen- ing resonance with all beings. This depth of compassion steered me toward vegetarianism and opened me to the world of plants and. Their healing capacity. My life as a teen was consumed by trying to help people who were struggling with family problems, meditating and learning about plants! At 21 I realized it was going to be tough for me to hold down a job as a ‘disabled” person; so, I went to India to volunteer and deepen my study of yoga and Indian clas- sical dance. I began deepening my study of plants and foods as med- icine and dove deep into the study of Ayurveda. I began learning about the chakras and the elements and the layers of the aura. This blew my inner vi- sion even further open and I could touch people and see things that were going on inside of them. When I returned from India, I was married. I started my family, and yoga was the only means for me to support myself. I was scared to teach, after all I only had 12 years’ experience. Surely, I couldn’t 18