Badassery Magazine April 2018 Issue 23 - Page 12

out once a week for January and February, twice a week for March and April, and as long as that works for me, then up it to three times a week for May and June. 3. We’re more likely to get back on the ‘wagon’ if only make a small stumble. Realistic baby steps tend to be easier to follow and if we do miss a day, it feels like less of a hur- dle to get back on then with a big goal. If I miss my 2-minute med- itation Monday, I’m more likely to squeeze it in on Tuesday to ‘stay on track with my 3 days a week’ than if I’ve aimed to exercise 3 times a week and I fail two weeks in a row. ~ Reflect on your aims: what is like- ly to ‘knock you off the wagon’ and what ‘easy win’ could you com- plete even on your worst, most stressful days? Start there. ~ If you do not climb back on the wagon today. Or tomorrow. Or in ten minutes time, why do you think you will end the month, the year or your life with those goals achieved? ing-good person, yet we expect it to happen so fast, and we often give up when we hit an obstacle. If you take a slow breath, and think about getting ‘back on the wagon’ for one minute a week, you’ll have 48 minutes of progress this year. If you get a few weeks in and then want to increase it to two minutes -> how would that feel? You can do it. You’re so capable. Can you see and feel the pull of that potential? Changes require a journey. We want so badly to be that healthy, good looking, honestly-feel- It’s not easy, but it is worth it. How much do you want to make prog- ress? All it requires is you to take that first baby step, and keep getting back onto that wagon of that one baby commitment. The rest will come.  Katy-Rose supports scholars, practical dreamers and creatives to develop a personalised tool-kit of reflective skills and practical techniques to balance day-to-day tasks with their dreams, goals and personal quests. She believes that recognising the downturns of life can be done with kindness; that we are more resilient and capable than we often realise, and that we all deserve to feel empowered. Follow her over on Instagram for grin-worthy pictures of her adorable cats, join her mailing list [] or connect over in her Facebook Group for Seekers. Katy-Rose 11   