Backyard Action Hero Toyota Backyard Action Hero Guidebook August 2016 - Page 6

Pointing Out Water Pollution There’s nothing like a cold drink of water after playing outside on a hot summer day! Water is a key natural resource for any person. We use water to drink, bathe, wash our clothes and even grow our food. Water is also vital to life in any ecosystem. Plants, animals and other organisms all need water to live. In city ecosystems, nearby rivers, lakes, and oceans become the sources of water treatment systems that give us clean water. But, because of cities, these nearby water sources can get very dirty over time. This pollution can make people, animals and plants sick. It ruins the drinking water of animals like deer, raccoons and rabbits, and can cause the fish living in the water to die. It’s very important that we keep our water clean for a healthy ecosystem, but how can we do that? Pollution can come from many different sources and it is not always easy to identify exactly where it is coming from. There are two types of pollution: “point source pollution” and “nonpoint source pollution.” Point source pollution means you can point to ѡͽɍѡѥѽ䁽ȁ)и]܁ݡɔѡх́ɔɽݡɔѡ䁅ɔѕɥѡ݅ѕȁݡ)ѡ䁅ɔ]͔ѡ́ɵѥѼɕє́ѡЁѼȁ݅ѕȁͽɍ̸Q͔)ѕ́ݡЁх́䁉ѥѼѡ݅ѕȁ܁Սѡ͔х́)ѥЁѥ((