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enclosed space is a great place for birds to keep their young warm and safe. Birds also love to use the inside and outside edges of buildings to house their nests. The side of a building sounds like a very scary place to us — but many birds love to claim these spots as homes. Some birds, like pigeons, are naturally cliff-dwelling birds; the sides of tall buildings make a great artificial cliff side. Cities continue to grow and take the place of more and more wildlife habitats. Many birds are able to adapt to city life but we can always help to make that change easier for them! A great way to help birds is to put a birdhouse in your yard. This way, the birds can simply build their nest inside your birdhouse! If you want to attract larger birds like owls to your yard, just use larger-sized boxes and place them higher on houses or trees. You don’t have to live in a house to help birds. You can also enlist the help of your school, church or neighborhood business! Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company built peregrine falcon boxes on many of their buildings with the help of Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. One building has been a very successful home for a pair of falcons — they have hatched 19 young falcons since 2007. You can learn about the falcons here: lge-ku. com/environment/plants-and-wildlife/peregrine-falcons. There are lots of things you can do to help protect birds! Try keeping your dog or cat in a safe place away from birds. Enlist the help of friends to plant different kinds of flowers so there are many types of insects for birds to eat. Ask your parents to install a bird bath or put out a bird feeder. You can make your own bird feeder using a pinecone dipped in peanut butter with birdseed sprinkled on! By taking little steps, we can help our bird friends and listen to their beautiful songs every morning for years to come. You can learn about all kinds of different birds at the Louisville Zoo. There are birds in almost every area: cranes, flamingos, snowy owls, even an emu! Talk a walk through the Islands Forest Bird Trail and see how many you can spot. Visit the MetaZoo Discovery Center for a camp or class and you may even get nose-to-beak with a screech owl!