Backyard Action Hero Toyota Backyard Action Hero Guidebook August 2016 - Page 15

ACTIVITIES Think you're an ecosystem expert? Would you like to go behind the scenes at the Louisville Zoo? Test your knowledge at bahecosystem. Participants will be registered into a drawing for a FREE four person backstage tour of the Louisville Zoo! Spread the word! Now that you’ve learned how to be a Backyard Action Hero, it’s time to grab some classmates, get out there and make a difference! The Louisville Zoo is holding a contest and YOUR class of Backyard Action Heroes can participate. All you have to do is join up with your classmates and try one of the many ways listed in this magazine to help make a difference in your community! Snap a picture of your class in action and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BAHeco. The Louisville Zoo will hold a random drawing in the fall of 2016 and the winners will receive a FREE interactive presentation by Louisville Zoo educators at their school! The best part is, no matter who gets picked — we all win with a cleaner ecosystem! Unscramble the letters to find words you learned in this issue of Backyard Action Hero! (Answers on page 14) 1. onn-pinto scorue ioullpotn 5. rnlauta reoescurs 2. npalotsult 6. abtatih dctrunsiteo 3. atovcrsoenin 7. ntenergedmna 4. aaitsnbiuslyti 8. oiptn rsocue iunollpot