Backyard Action Hero Toyota Backyard Action Hero Guidebook August 2016 - Page 13

tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini and watermelons. As these plants grow and ripen, gardeners get to take home many different fruits and vegetables. It's exciting to try a new vegetable or fruit that you've grown with your own two hands. In 2012 and 2014, Indian Trail students were even able to serve their school-grown lettuce in the cafeteria. What a tasty way to introduce everyone to the wonders of growing part of your own food supply. Nothing can beat the taste of fresh-grown food! There are also challenges when working to create your own school garden like summer watering and pest control. At Indian Trail, pesticides are not allowed so that students can enjoy the harvest. It's important to be careful when controlling pests in your garden, because some chemicals can harm helpful insects like butterflies, bees and spiders. As we learned in the previous pages, pesticides can also cause runoff pollution in our waterways. In order to control pests, students use the old-fashioned method of squashing with their fingers. Their hard work brings in great rew \Y \XX\Y[[Z\[Z[Y\\Bۙ\[Y[[ܚY\[ܛ[X[\™[HX\Y]]H^H܈\[\ۛY[ XZHH\[\H\[^KHۙ\[H\ Hۙ\[x&[][HH[Y]]ܛH] Y[Hۛ•HZ\ݚ[H[\]›ۈ\[܈[[X[ˈB[]HH\[[\\[Hܛ[›ZH[X[Y\[›][\H]H\[[X[[[ܘYBYY Hۋ\\Z[XB[ۈ][\B[X\\[Hܙ\[[]H[ܛ\[\˂