Backyard Action Hero Toyota Backyard Action Hero Guidebook August 2016 - Page 11

Asian Elephant • Asian Elephants are endangered due to loss of habitat and conflict with people. This is the result of cities growing into their habitat. • In 1900, there were 200,000 Asian elephants. Today, there are only 35,000 to 40,000 elephants left in the remnant wild. • They are now extinct along the Iranian coast, Java, and most of China. Status: Endangered Ring-tailed Lemurs • Ring-tailed lemurs are endangered due to expanding farmlands needed for cattle pastures and crop planting. • The lemurs now inhabit small patches of the forests in Madagascar in very small numbers. • The forests are still getting smaller yearly due to burning to create pastureland. Status: Endangered Orangutans Status: Critically Endangered • Known as gardeners of the forest. They scatter seeds, which is important to the health of the forest ecosystem. • The population is about 25 percent of what it was one century ago. • Habitat loss is the greatest threat to orangutans. Forests have been cleared and the land used for palm oil — a product that is found in more than half of packaged products in supermarkets. Black-Footed Ferret • The black-footed ferret was considered extinct until a small population was discovered in Wyoming in 1981. • The Louisville Zoo participates in the BlackFooted Ferret Recovery Program and has produced over 1000 kits (newborn ferrets). • As of August 2014, there were 300 to 600 surviving ferrets in the remnant wild. Status: Endangered