Backspin Volume 3, Issue 8 - Page 8

rulespin Paul Kruger is a PGA professional at The Landings Club in Savannah, Georgia. by Paul Kruger can i get a rules official? current events call for explanation 8 The Definition of “Holed” states, “A ball is “holed” when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and all of it is below the level of the lip of the hole.” With that in mind, do you have any idea how many golf balls can fit into a regulation hole and still be considered holed? This is actually a “trick” question given that the Definition of “Hole” does not specify the depth of a hole! This Definition merely states, “The ‘hole” must be 4¼ inches (108mm) in diameter and at least 4 inches (101.6mm) deep.” [Emphasis added] One unofficial study has conclusively determined that you can putt as many as nine (9) golf balls into a hole with a standard hole liner sunk precisely one inch below the surface of the putting green, with all nine balls coming to rest below the lip of the hole. However, as shown in the adjacent photograph, if a tenth ball is delicately putted into this hole, it is not considered holed because a portion of this ball remains above the level of the lip of the hole. With upwards of nine balls already in a hole, you would be hard pressed to putt with the right speed and your ball would most likely runneth over the hole. Even if there were fewer than nine balls already in the hole, you would still be taking a chance that your ball would be deflected out of the hole. In such a case, even though your ball was momentarily within the circumference of the hole, it would not be considered holed because it would never have come to rest within the hole. This could be the reason why most golfers prefer to wait for the player holing out ahead of them to remove his or her ball from the hole, rather than risk their ball being deflected out of the hole. See Decision 16/5.5 [Player Holes Short Putt and Allegedly Removes Ball from Hole Before It Is at Rest] which states, “The words “at rest” are in the Definition of “Holed” to make it clear that if a ball falls below the lip and thereafter bounces out, it is not holed.” While we’re on the subject of a ball being deflected out of a hole, take note of the prescribed positioning of the hole-liner within the hole. The Definition of “Hole” points out that if a lining is used, it must be sunk at least one inch below the surface of the putting green. There have been numerous instances where a hole-liner was improperly positioned nearer to the surface of the putting green, causing a player’s ball to pop out of the hole after hitting the edge of the liner. This may ha ٔѡ)͔ݡ)݅)她Ѽɕ́A)Qȁɐɥѡ)DM)ɥѡ)Ѡхɽ)əЀԵЁЁѼ)͕Ёɝɽѡ)QЁѽɅ)͡܁́ЁѼ)ɽѼѡ)ɕѥչݡ)́Ёѡ)Uչѕ䰁)͕́A)Qȁɐ䁄ͥɽ()ɽQ=)IչȁQ=)ЁѡI兰Qɽ) Ո͡ɔMѱ)ɕձ)ɹѡ̰)ɭ̸)ЁѡѠɕi)1ɐMѠɥ)ɭѡͥѥ)ݥѠ́ɭȰ)ѕ́ѡ)хݸѡɭȁݥѠ́ѕȸ)݅݅䰁ѥ)ѡЁ́ɭȁ)ͅɕɽѡѥ)ɕ!ѡ͍ٕɕ)ѡЁЁɕѼѡ)ͽ́ѕȁՔѼѡ)ݕЁѥ̄((0