Backspin Volume 3, Issue 8 - Page 7

editor’s letter I’m just going to say it right here in public. Not representing your country in an event that can promote the sport you love and show your appreciation for those who have boosted you into your career is a little ... a lot ... disappointing. The Zika virus is a little scary, yes. But seriously, that car you get into every day is WAY more likely to kill you. In the U.S., we’ve been dealing with West Nile Virus for years. In fact, I had something very similar several years ago. Yes, it knocked me down for a few days. I was had a really bad headache, fever and basically felt like I had the flu. I think I slept for about two weeks. I was sick. It wasn’t fun. Most people don’t get symptoms from insect-related illnesses at all. And these men are young, strapping lads. And by the way, Zika is here in the U.S. It’s in Florida. A couple of those guys live there, yes? Gonna ditch those beautiful homes too? Last month while I was in England, I saw Rory’s statement that he won’t be watching golf during the Olympics, only sports that mattered. Well, then. I almost dropped my coffee all over the paper. Are you kidding me?! Additionally, he said he didn’t get into golf to grow the game, basically a big slap in the face to the battle cry of the Professional Golfers’ Association. Most of the members of that organization aren’t cashing the checks Rory is, but I’ll bet they work just as hard and that he came across one or two of them on his climb to the top. Forget where you came from, did you? Golf in the Olympics is no new thing, my freckle-faced friend. It’s just new to your generation. And to participate is an honor. I’m sure your country was highly disappointed to know one of its darlings won’t be making the trip. I have to imagine that these guys know the Olympians, even those who don’t have multi-million-dollar endorse- ments and play for the love of the game and the deep love of their countries. I can hear the jokes forming already. Non-Olympian meets Olympic golf medalist in a bar ... Knowing what I know about mosquito illnesses, if I had an opportunity, I would lace up my tennis shoes for the flight and buy some bug spray. Come on, men! Buy some bug spray and get over yourselves. And watch your friends you say you respect so much work to boost the medal count for your countries. Just as a side note, the U.S. ladies are going. All of them. You. Go. Girls. Go Team U.S.A.! Here’s a little info on those little buggers. As a insect-related virus veteran, I will say bug spray is a must. http:// Amber 7