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foodspin Welcome to the Challenge ... World! If you don’t have plans for the second week in November, look no further than the drivable Orange Beach World Food Challenge. This event boasts the world’s top chefs as well as amateur food artists to its Nov. 8-14 event. This annual event draws the best cooks, bakers, and BBQ’ers from across the globe to the Gulf Coast for a food event that can only be explained as massive. “It draws people from all over the world to test their talents, and we have had locals take home honors,” says Kay Maghan, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism public relations manager. Restaurateurs and food enthusiasts compete in this week-long challenge to take home cash prizes from the $300,000 purse as well as hardware for their winning efforts. Categories include Barbecue, Chili, Sandwich, Burger, Dessert, Bacon, Seafood, Steak and Recipe; the theme for this year’s challenge is CHICKEN. The World Food Championships is the largest competition in Food Sport where champions of previous events meet for a year-ending face-off for the cash and more importantly, bragging rights that can indeed shape their restaurants or, for the amateurs, backyard get-together conversations. Dubbed the “ultimate food fight,” The World Food Challenge competitors may qualify into the event at hundreds of qualifying opportunities throughout the year. Competitors at this event are the best of the best and have proven themselves worthy to put their grub up against the world. If you haven’t yet gotten your hotel, it’s not too late. Visit https://worldfoodchampionships. com/hotels for more information.