Back-to-school Focus newsletter, back-to-school, 2016-17 [copy]

Welcome back! ANOKA-HENNEPIN SCHOOLS 2016-17 The exciting, anxious, hopeful start to the year As we transition into a new school year, many families are excited to settle back into a routine and explore new opportunities. Meanwhile, some families are anxious as they start the year in a new school. I hope that we all are starting the year optimistic that this will be another good year, or for some, a much better year. It is our goal that for every student, staff member and family, this will be a great year. During the past year, our district found success at every level. We increased the number of students that enter our schools ready for kindergarten. Our elementary and middle schools increased the percentage of students that are at grade-level in reading and math. In our high schools, we increased our graduation rate and also increased the percentage of students that have successfully completed college-level coursework. In addition, over 90 percent of our families surveyed provided an excellent or good rating for our schools. We also have over 90 percent of our families sharing that our schools are safe and welcoming. We are proud of the work of our staff and our students. I’m convinced that there is not one thing we can identify alone that delivers these type of results, but rather it’s the combined impact of thousands of smaller interactions between our high quality staff and students, the support of parents and guardians at home and the overall support of our community for our schools that leads to our success. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Thanks for your continued support. Let’s keep our momentum rolling and have a great school year! Sincerely, SCHOOL STARTS TUESDAY, SEPT. 6, 2016. OPEN HOUSE DATES The following are scheduled dates for back-to-school open houses. Please check with your child’s school for specific times. Elementary schools – Wednesday, Aug. 31 Middle schools – Tuesday, Aug. 30 High schools – Wednesday, Aug. 31 STEP – Tuesday, Aug. 30 • Meet your teachers. • Find your classrooms. • Find your locker. • Follow your schedule. David Law Superintendent • Learn strategies for managing time and school work. • See old friends and make new ones. For more information, visit