babyMaternity Retailer November 2017 - Page 28

Editor’s CHOICE Nosiboo USA Inc. The revolutionary Nosiboo nasal aspirator product line is for clearing stuffy little noses. The award-winning Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator is a premium-quality medical device that is suitable for home use. It is powered electrically to produce sufficient but adjustable suction power, yet its inno- vative solution is gentle and safe for children. It can be adjusted according to the child’s age and the thickness of the mucus. Nosiboo nasal aspira- tors are very easy to clean thanks to the patented design of the so-called Colibri head. On top of all Nosiboo Pro’s lovely design is a great way of distracting the attention of the little patients from aspirating their noses. The idea of the Nosiboo nasal as- pirators came from two young engi- neer fathers whose families had to deal with sleepless nights after the infants came on board. After having spent two years researching, devel- oping and testing the prototypes, involving engineers, designers and childcare specialists in the process, the talented duo created the final de- sign of Nosiboo Pro. Travel Tray Babycup When life hands you food.. Don’t drop it. Keep it secure and reduce messy spills! Travel Tray is focused on stopping spills in the car. It’s great for toddlers and when you are on the go. Easy to clean, sturdy and designed to keep snacks handy & mess free. Travel Tray securely holds cups, bottles, snacks & food reducing messy spills! Made in the USA from lightweight BPA free plastic; Travel Tray is a func- tional way of keeping your crumbs or- ganized and under control. Refillable tray provides customization and the ability to use Travel Tray to best suit your individual needs. An affordable and useful way to keep your car organized, mess free, and your focus on the road. What’s in your Tray? Learning to have a healthy sip is such an important step for little ones. Babycups fit little hands and mouths, babies can learn to master the art of sipping, and this natural sipping action isn’t implicated in orthodontic or dental issues, unlike sucking. We’re delighted to be working with health authorities, pre- schools,  clinics, shops, and families keen to make healthy choices for their little ones. Mini open cups for healthy sipping from weaning/solid-feeding onwards – no lids, spouts or seals (Also for cup-feeding infants esp. latch issues, bottle-refusal, cleft or tongue-tie) • Non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalates- free; durable; dishwasher-safe; sterilizer-safe. • Translucent so children can see in- side; Easy to clean – nowhere for germs to hide! • Children enjoy using open cups just like their siblings and parents. • Great for developing self-feeding, independence and fine motor skills. • Thumbs up from dentists and or- thodontists. • Made in Britain with love. • Winner 2017 Family Choice Award US, Platinum at the “Loved by Par- ents” & “Janey Loves” UK  Sip, sip hooray Babycup USA! 312.235.2113 619.997.0129 954.328.0677