babyMaternity Retailer November 2017 - Page 23

the MUST HAVES STOCK YOUR SHELVES. BOOST YOUR SALES. TODDLER SPOON   by:  Kizingo  Encourage healthy eating habits & independence with our award- winning economically designed spoons.  COCOON CAM BABY MONITOR WITH BREATHING MONITORING & HD VIDEO   by: Cocoon Cam  The only baby monitor that gives you both vital signs monitoring and HD video/audio in one. No wearables! MIRACLE BLANKET  by: Miracle International, Inc.   Miracle Blanket guarantees sleep and calming. It also allows arms to be swaddled down, on chest, or out! TRANQUILO MAT  by: Tranquilo Inc.  Tranquilo Mat is the only portable, soothing, vibrating mat designed for use anytime, anywhere! PLAYTEX BABY POTTY GENIE 3-IN-1 POTTY TRAINER WITH LINER SYSTEM    by: Ginsey Home Solutions Features disposable potty liner dispenser system. Includes 20 scented liners.  ERGONOMIC HANDLE    by: LugBug ® Just clip LugBug® on your carrier handle and adjust to a comfortable carrying position.  21 |