babyMaternity Retailer May 2019 - Page 6

Handmade Fashion Forward, Comfortable and Unique Clothing for Every Young Girls’ Wardrobe Little Miss Araya’s, L.L.C was founded by a new mother in 2016; when finding comfortable yet fash- ion forward girls’ clothes was proving hard and ex- pensive. With a sewing machine gifted by her military husband and inspiration from her own closet, Suneeta Ames started what became a brand of locally owned and manufactured, handmade girls’ clothing label. “I truly believe that our brand bridges the gap between consumers and ourselves.We are more than just hand- made clothes, we are a community ” says Suneeta Ames, Founder and CEO.  Inspired by her daughter - Araya , Little Miss Araya’s caters to liven young girls’ ward- robe for every season and stages. Boasting 10.5k Insta- gram followings and growing, this made in the U.S.A. brand develop pieces mostly from self drafted patterns to provide high quality, one of a kind pieces. It started with a single thought : How do you add love and life to a piece of clothing? Idea then struck for the brand to be involved with the process as much as possible. From interacting with clients personally and hiring local military spouses to sew, this brand desires to change how consumers look at handmade products. “When clients purchase from me, I want them to know that there is a woman and a parent on the other end who is blessed to be supported and enjoys creating thoroughly” Suneeta chimes. As an immigrant, this business have provided the opportunity for the owner to support her family and in return provide the same opportunity for locals to earn an income. Although small, their ideas are mighty. Little Miss Araya’s L.L.C. is definitely a brand to be noticed - one piece at a time. Instagram : #littlemissarayas 4 |