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Editor’s CHOICE Bundle Organics Bundle Organics is on a mission for motherhood! As someone who’s…let’s say “par- ticular” about what she puts in her body (translation: I’m sooo picky!), Whitney Port co-founded Bundle Or- ganics to fill the void that exists in the marketplace for new moms, moms- to-be and women beginning their journey to motherhood. She wanted to create clean, crave- able products that women like herself could count on. New and expectant moms have enough going on — Bun- dle was conceived to make the nutri- tion part easy. A “stage-based system” of certi- fied organic, non-GMO snacks and beverages crafted by food lovers and designed with a renowned OB/GYN, Bundle Organics keeps women safe and satisfied through every stage of motherhood from fertility and preg- nancy to nursing and beyond. Bundle puts purpose behind every ingredient and delight in every bite, empowering women and mothers with wellness, confidence and com- fort. This is a brand built for mom – lis- tening to her, supporting her, looking out for her and making her feel taken care of. Wherever you’re at, Bundle will be. Editor’s CHOICE Citi Babies by Citi Collective Gabrialla - a division of ITA-MED Co. There are many compromises when becoming a parent, but feeling stylish doesn’t have to be one. The collection of Citi Babies by Citi Collective diaper bags are beautifully designed with modern touches and smart functionality at a price point that won’t sacrifice that college savings fund. The Citi Collection of bags were created by modern, minimalist parents who wanted helpful diaper bag functionality but hidden in a beautifully designed backpack that could transition past the baby stage. The Citi Collection has five designs to choose from, all made with durable materials, neutral colors, lots of storage and designs that appeal to both men and women.   Citi Babies by Citi Collective eliminates finding the perfect diaper bag from list of challenges of being a parent. A growing baby bump should never keep you from staying fit and active during pregnancy. Now you can get that extra support to help you keep moving and exercising with our Ga- brialla Active Mom Maternity Support Belt. This maternity belt is great for “the mom on the move” - going to the gym, walking, running or just receiv- ing extra support during the day. Our medium-strength 6” support belt has a compression design that will help stabilize your hips and reduce low back pressure, so you can be com- fortable throughout your entire preg- nancy. It also features a six-inch-deep pocket for a hot or cold pack to cool you off or soothe your aching lower back. Our maternity support belt for active moms is completely adjustable and designed to grow and change along with a woman’s body, mean- ing whether you are just starting your second trimester, or going through postpartum recovery, this belt can help provide you with the support you need. Babycup Learning to have a healthy sip is such an important step for little ones.  Because Babycup First Cups fit little hands and mouths, babies can learn to master the art of sipping, and this natural sipping action isn’t impli- cated in orthodontic or dental issues, unlike sucking. We’re delighted to be working with health authorities, pre- schools, baby groups, clinics, shops, and families keen to make healthy choices for their little ones. • Mini open cups for healthy sip- ping from weaning/solid-feeding onwards – no lids, spouts or seals (Also for cup-feeding infants esp. latch issues, bottle-refusal, cleft or tongue-tie) • Non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalates- free; dishwasher & sterilizer safe • Translucent so children can see in- side; Easy to clean – nowhere for germs to hide! • Children enjoy using open cups just like their siblings, parents or care- givers. developing self-feeding, in- dependence and fine motor skills • Thumbs up from dentists and or- thodontists for oral health • Made in Britain, made to be loved and made to last The Original My “Buddy” Towel® The Original My ‘’Buddy’’ Towel® (patent pending) is the Fun and Easy Way to Dry!   It’s The First and Only Towel and Onezie in one!  Simply Slip On, Zip Up, and GO! ®  Buy The Original My “Buddy” Towel ® Today! Available in 3 colors and 6 sizes! Retails at 29.99! Wholesale Prices Available. *As Seen On Zulily *Created by a Mom of 6 *2018 babyMaternity Product of the Year Award Winner* VagiKool Many medications are not safe for nursing mothers to use because they may pass through your breastmilk to the baby. Ice is one of the most ef- fective ways to relieve pain, but icing your vaginal area may not be the easi- est thing to do. After all a big bulky ice pack or bag of frozen peas wasn’t made to fit comfortably between your legs! Enter, the VagiKool® Reusable Feminine Cold Pack. It soothes in seconds, and it is the first reusable cold pack specifically contoured and designed for the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body. VagiKool® is made of a soft, strong medical grade polyvinyl that molds it- self to the shape of a woman’s body. Its targeted cold relief reduces swell- ing, burning and itching pain while promoting healing. VagiKool is Non- Toxic and Latex Free and best of all is Made in the USA. The first cup on every baby’s lips! 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