babyMaternity Retailer May 2019 - Page 21

Introducing AN INNOVATIVE BELLY WRAP THAT HELPS DURING PREGNANCY AND THE EARLY POSPARTUM PERIOD. Prenatal Plus Yoga introduces Baby Belly Tunes, an innovative belly wrap that helps relax both mother and baby, guides baby into optimal head down position for birth. PPBBT has helped in turning breech babies and allowing for easier and more natural labor and delivery. The unique features of this product are safety volume speak- ers placed strategically inside the bellyband that prompts the baby to move head down for optimal birthing position by playing soothing music. The wrap is made of soft material and has an adjustable slim fitting design that supports the pelvic region of the mother help- ing to achieve proper posture throughout pregnancy. The band decreases pelvic floor pressure, back strain, allowing moms to move freely without discomfort. Early postpartum use: peel the self adhesive speakers and place on the crib or stroller to listen to the same music heard pre- natally. Research shows babies are calmer and remember what they heard in the womb. The wrap will also help support mother’s hips and abdominal muscles the first few weeks post birth. Founder and Directress, Debra Geymayr, explains, “Baby Belly Tunes was designed to help support mamas growing belly and relieve common discomforts during pregnancy. It helps guide baby into the ‘optimal head down’ position for birth while at the same time calming and relaxing both mother & baby throughout pregnancy.” The product helped turn a few breech babies during product trails! Therefore avoiding Caesarean section, preventing back labor and making birthing time shorter and easier. Connecting mom and baby is such an important part of the pregnancy ex- perience for Geymayr, “The best part of Baby Belly Tunes is the ability to listen to music with baby and have the safety decibel speakers to protect baby’s ears. Such a great benefit in calming babies and mom together.” For More Info Contact: 305-498-6722 19 |