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The Original My " Buddy " Towel ™ MOM MADE Publisher / Editor-In-Chief Operations Director Diane Morse Art Director Katy Stewart Marketing Director S RETAIL NLY FOR O ! $24.99 Does your laundry pile up fast? Mine sure did! My kids would use not one, not two, but THREE towels to dry off after a bath!  I was so frustrated with washing extra towels, that I created the My “ Buddy ” Towel Patent Pending ™ A TOWEL AND ONESIE IN ONE! • 100% COTTON and super absorbent inside and out! • Kids enjoy dressing up while they relax and dry off ! Scott Reichert Marikate Wilson Digital Content Editor Jenna Gleason Web Developer B&R Designs Associate Publisher President of Marketing & Advertising Mindy Reichert Melissa Vincent Direct Line 818.897.9999 Published by: Scooterbay Publishing, Inc. babyMaternity c/o Scooterbay Publishing 2505 Anthem Village Dr. #E619 Henderson, NV 89052 ph 702.837.2734 | fax 702.837.2701 The Scooterbay Network: • Save time & money on towel laundry! MAY 2018 @mybuddytowel Shop Now for FREE SHIPPING! email for more info: 6 | Editorial Correspondence and Mailing Address: 2505 Anthem Village Dr. #E619, Henderson, NV 89052. Address manuscripts and other materials to babyMaternity. babyMaternity does not accept and cannot be held responsible for any unsolicited materials. All materials must be ac