babyMaternity Retailer May 2018 - Page 26

Editor’s CHOICE Mommy Knows Best Posh Baby and Kids Mommy Knows Best was conceived by Jennifer Tierney with the sole pur- pose of creating safe and natural lac- tation products for nursing moms who need assistance increasing their milk supply for their newborn babies. It has since evolved into an industry leader that empowers new moms with all the tools and resources necessary to give their newborn the absolute best start in life! Mommy Knows Best provides an assortment of lactation supplements, cookie mixes, and drinks containing all natural herbal remedies, traditionally and effectively used for generations to treat low milk supply.  As a global dis- tributor and a best seller on Amazon and other major online marketplaces, Mommy Knows Best continues to more than double in size year over year.   Whether your goal is to exclusively breastfeed or supplement, Mommy Knows Best gives you plenty of op- tions, all of which are created with the health & safety of both baby and mom in mind. As more products are constantly added to our line, be sure to stop by our booth to learn more! The Bentley 6-in-1 convertible Stroller/Trikes were designed with one simple purpose in mind, to impress! Collaboration with the Bentley Motor Company led to an innovative trike that embodies all the design elements of the world-famous Bentley brand. The superior craftsmanship can be seen in it’s solid iron frame, chrome Bentley emblems, replica continen- tal GT wheels, faux-leather wrapped touch points, and cross-stitched seats that both recline and rotate. Not only is this Trike incredibly styl- ish but it’s practical too. Being able to transform through several stages and fit the needs of your growing child ensures that both the child and par- ent feel comfortable and safe. This ensures that the trike can be used for many years and is ideal for children as young as 7 Months to as old as 4 years. They even offer free shipping throughout US and Canada on their website See all four of the vibrant colors and all the other features there! 800.323.2510 866.347.1858 BabyDam USA Dam it!   BabyDam is the Revolu- tionary, Patented, Mom-invented Bath- tub Divider that turns the family tub into Baby’s Bath.  BabyDam forms a water- tight seal, and allows families to parti- tion off the portion of the tub needed to bathe baby, creating a safer space for baby, and saving precious water, energy, time and money.  If bathing baby daily, BabyDam can save 5,400 gallons of water each year!  BabyDam also saves space, replacing bulky, tra- ditional baby bathtubs, and can be hung from the shower wall or placed at the back of the tub.  BabyDam can be positioned anywhere in the tub, so it can grow with your baby, making the transition into the larger tub much easier, and it is particularly appealing to children with sensory disorders and special needs.  BabyDam has been sold in Europe since 2008 and just launched in the USA in 2017. Happy Bathing! 303.814.9182