babyMaternity Retailer May 2018 - Page 24

COCOON CAM is 2017’s Best Baby Monitor! The Cocoon Cam baby monitor has racked up multiple awards as the top choice of review boards everywhere. Awards include: • 2017 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval • 2017 National Parenting Product Award • 2017 Creative Child Product of the Year • 2017 Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice of the Year (Baby Monitor Category) Cocoon Cam is the only baby monitor in the world that gives you both vital sign monitoring and HD video. Now parents don’t have to choose one or the other. Cocoon Cam actually lets you see and hear your baby, while giving you a near-real-time Breathing Graph that shows their respiration patterns happening in near-real-time. No more peeking to see if baby’s chest is rising and falling! More than just a baby monitor, Cocoon Cam really is the new generation of infant care at home. The system uses advanced computer vision technology to bring you the ab- solute latest in baby wellness. Computer vision is the same type of tech that powers self driving cars! But cutting edge technology doesn’t mean it’s complicat- ed or expensive. A simple, easy to use app connects to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to deliver Breathing Monitoring, a live Breathing Graph, and Instant Alerts. Plus, you can see and hear your baby night or day with a crystal clear HD video monitor and streaming two-way au- dio. You get all this in a single system. And all without requir- ing any wearables, so there’s nothing touching your baby, and there’s nothing extra to keep track of, keep charged up, or potentially become a hazard. The system even supports multiple cameras which can be viewed from a single app, so if you’ve got twins (or if you’d like to monitor one baby who naps in different locations), they’ve got you covered! Cocoon Cam works on a secure, encrypted Wifi con- n