babyMaternity Retailer May 2018 - Page 19

Our GABRIALLA brand and collection started over 20 years ago with a single product - the MS-96 maternity belt, patented in 1996. Rapidly, it became one of the most popular maternity support brands for pregnant women - soon evolving into the most complete, comprehensive and award winning maternity and women’s health support collection in the U.S. The GABRIALLA maternity collection was specifically designed to fulfill all your needs - to stay active, comfortable and healthy during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. The GABRIALLA maternity brand ranges from our patented support belt, postpartum ab binders, compression hosiery, to our revolutionary Milk Fiber Shapewear Collection. As many as 40% of ALL women will experience venous insufficiency during pregnancy. Translation - there is a good chance that women will develop permanent varicose veins. GABRIALLA compression hosiery collection can help prevent unsightly veins. Nearly 95% of pregnant women develop conditions such as back pain and stretch marks with their growing bump. Daily use of medically correct GABRIALLA support belts can help alleviate these symptoms. GABRIALLA is the only maternity brand to combine elegant, medically correct designs with natural fibers and highly breathable construction for total comfort and support lasting all day long. Superior shapeware products made from Milk Protein Fiber that contain 18 amino acids to help naturally moisturize and nourish the skin while providing a rejuvenating and anti-aging effect. GABRIALLA® is a registered trademark of ITA-MED Co. Toll Free: 888 948 2633