babyMaternity Retailer March 2019 - Page 14

Gabrialla Compression Hosiery Relieves Pregnancy Related Discomfort – IN STYLE For the longest time, graduated compression hosiery -- those snug-fitting, stretchy socks that gently squeeze your leg and im- prove circulation -- were used to treat people with a wide range of circulation issues, such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), vari- cose veins, and diabetes. They were (and still are) also used by folks who have had surgery or simply have a hard time moving their legs. While the curative use of compression hosiery continues, they are now being used proactively to prevent conditions be- fore they can occur. Many athletes wear them to improve blood flow and, subsequently, performance. Airline passengers use them to prevent blood clots. People who stand all day at their jobs don’t have nearly the same foot and leg fatigue when they use these “miracle” items. Pregnant women, however, can be the greatest beneficiaries of compression hosiery. The fact is, pregnancy is one of the top 5 causes of varicose veins. And while they are usually not dangerous, they can be very uncomfortable and can even put mothers at increased risk for blood clots and deep vein throm- bosis. Wearing compression stockings during pregnancy can pre- vent the incidence of varicose veins, while also preventing blood from pooling in the veins and reducing elevated heart rate in both mother and child. Further, they can alleviate pain, reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, and keep legs and feet feeling energized and less fatigued. Our Gabrialla graduated compression stockings and hosiery can alleviate many of the issues that plague expectant mothers. But it isn’t just their medical benefits that make the Gabrialla collection so attractive – in fact, “attractive” is the perfect word to describe them.   Compression socks used to be, well, just ugly. We’ve all seen the older gentleman wearing Bermuda shorts, with the knee- high compression socks. They were very tight, a single color (usually black or white), and they had a weird sheen from the synthetic fibers used to create them. Or you might have seen an older woman wearing compression hosiery – an opaque, lifeless clothing item, sporting all the style of a fitted bed sheet. Our Gabrialla collection changed all that. We offer a myriad of colors, styles, lengths, designs and, of course, various levels of compression. The range of styles ensures that mom can find a pair that works with any outfit. Plus, the construction from the latest microfiber technology ensures that they’ll last much longer than other hosiery, which makes them a good invest- ment in health. So they’re not only fashionable, form-fitting, and functional, they are, we would dare to say, sexy.   The Gabrialla collection not only gives expectant mothers relief from many aspects of their pregnancy discomfort, they do it in style. You can’t ask a compression stocking to do much more than that. - A division of ITA-MED Co. | 1-888-9-ITA-MED