babyMaternity Retailer January 2019 - Page 22

The ELLABELLA Wipe Box T he ELLABELLA WIPE BOX is a functional prod- uct that will add some style to your bathroom or babies nursery.  Made with transparent, frosted acrylic, it lends luxury to the everyday tasks of personal hygiene and baby care.  This elegant and stylish box looks good while keeping wet wipes moist. Made of durable, heavy- weight acrylic, the box does not slide around when in use and it is easy to select a fresh wipe.  It fits both standard baby sized wipes, and smaller adult flushable wipes. LCVD Creative, LLC was founded in 2018 in Denver by Lucy Van Dusen, a design expert and architect known for creative award winning designs. Named after her daughter, the ELLABELLA WIPE BOX by LCVD Creative, LLC, was inspired over 15 years ago when Lucy’s first child was almost one year old.   She was looking for a stylish wipe box that she didn’t have to hide away, but couldn’t find anything.  All that was available were the ugly green or white plastic kind offered by the wipe manufacturers, as well as a few wipe warmer boxes. Even now, boxes still look very clini- cal and not that pretty, therefore Lucy decided to try and produce the ELLABELLA WIPE BOX. There is nothing like it on the market today. LCVD Creative’s ELLABELLA WIPE BOX re- tails at $29.99 per box and is available now on Etsy. com and | 20 |