babyMaternity Retailer January 2019 - Page 19

Editor’s CHOICE Soothes damaged skin up to 4x faster than lanolin alone! Feel it today. For alleviation of soreness & irritation caused by breastfeeding. Made with all-natural ingredients 1.1 oz (30 g) Roshambo Baby, Inc. Easynurse Products VagiKool Little People Deserve Big People Shades. ro•sham•bo baby is a family owned and operated company that makes unbreakable sunglasses for babies, kids & adults. These Italian made shades offer 100% UVA/B/C protection with polarized and mir- rored lens options in all sizes! The prescription-friendly frames are BPA free, small parts tested, and so light they can float! The soft and safe ma- terial is designed for little faces, hands and mouths. We are so confident your kids can’t break them, we offer a full damage and lens replacement guar- antee. Most importantly, you are help- ing support autism charity with every purchase. Discomfort should never get in the way of the bonding experience. To combat discomfort, EasyNurse com- bines the effective attributes of lanolin with the added potency of a unique blend of herbal goodness. All natural and safe for baby to ingest, ingredi- ents are combined in the form of skin restorative oils, nourishing herbs and anti-inflammatory properties. Sooth- ing chamomile and antioxidant rich ingredients round out the product that soothe immediately upon contact. What is lanolin? A derivative of sheep’s wool, lanolin is similar in com- position to the molecular components of human skin. When paired with anti- scar benefits and a proprietary blend of super herbs, instant relief is avail- able when applied topically. Doctor recommended and award winning, EasyNurse has been given the Na- tional Parenting Publications Award and is recognized by leading pediatri- cians as the #1 parenting product for lactation relief.   EasyNurse is 100% safe for baby to ingest. No longer just a nipple oint- ment, use EasyNurse for diaper rash relief and other skin treatments. Many medications are not safe for nursing mothers to use because they may pass through your breastmilk to the baby. Ice is one of the most ef- fective ways to relieve pain, but icing your vaginal area may not be the easi- est thing to do. After all a big bulky ice pack or bag of frozen peas wasn’t made to fit comfortably between your legs! Enter, the VagiKool® Reusable Feminine Cold Pack. It soothes in seconds, and it is the first reusable cold pack specifically contoured and designed for the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body. VagiKool® is made of a soft, strong medical grade polyvinyl that molds it- self to the shape of a woman’s body. Its targeted cold relief reduces swell- ing, burning and itching pain while promoting healing. VagiKool is Non- Toxic and Latex Free and best of all is Made in the USA.