babyMaternity Retailer January 2019 - Page 18

Editor’s CHOICE Tidy Tots Diapers The Original My “Buddy” Towel® Posh Baby and Kids Yes, I’m a diaper, just smarter and cuter! Tidy Tots offers families the dream award-winning diaper, the goodness of cloth with the ease of disposables. Simply flush away the mess! This diaper isn’t just cute, it’s made to handle heavy messers. Ab- solutely, the best fitting diaper on the market. Patented covers adjust the rise automatically for the absolute perfect fit, and if that wasn’t enough, they have features that contain leaks and traps blowouts! Tidy Tots No Fold diapers are made of super absorbent, breathable, and naturally antimicrobial hemp; so baby’s skin stays rash free. Tidy Tots Flushies liners are pure pa- rental bliss. The oversized liners wrap around and protect the whole diaper and are secured to guarantee they stay put even on the most rambunc- tious explorer.  So, at changing time, families can just gather and flush! Diapering can be that easy!  Tidy Tots Diapers are made in upstate NY at a facility that supports individuals with disabilities. Parents can relate to how frustrat- ing bath time can be, one kid wants 2 towels, the other runs off in a birthday suit with out one! The patent pending My “Buddy” Towel is the perfect solution! Its a tow- el and onezie in one! Just slip on,zip up, and go!™ 100% cotton~super absorbent~ promotes independence. Mom invented. Awarded 2018 Prod- uct of the Year by babyMaternity Magazine! 3 designs available in 6 different sizes $29.99 Free Shipping code babyMaternity Magazine The Bentley 6-in-1 convertible Stroller/Trikes were designed with one simple purpose in mind, to impress! Collaboration with the Bentley Motor Company led to an innovative trike that embodies all the design elements of the world-famous Bentley brand. The superior craftsmanship can be seen in it’s solid iron frame, chrome Bentley emblems, replica continen- tal GT wheels, faux-leather wrapped touch points, and cross-stitched seats that both recline and rotate. Not only is this Trike incredibly styl- ish but it’s practical too. Being able to transform through several stages and fit the needs of your growing child ensures that both the child and par- ent feel comfortable and safe. This ensures that the trike can be used for many years and is ideal for children as young as 7 Months to as old as 4 years. They even offer free shipping throughout the US and Canada on their website See all four of the vibrant colors and all the other features there! 518.369.4235 563.581.7993 866.347.1858 16 |