babyMaternity Retailer February 2018 - Page 4

Contents february2018 16 Features 4 go-shins™ Machine washable half socks, half shoes, for both indoors as well as outdoors! 12 Goosewaddle 14 The Little Acorn 15 JPMA Baby Show 16 Savi Mom 18 Yard Card Love Mees - A soft, quirky character blankie designed to be baby’s first snuggly. Cute and practical accessories to help make your babies environment perfect! It’s not too late to register for this baby show happening this March in Washington, DC. Comfortable, fun and innovative maternity wear to make every mom feel beautiful. 14 EVERY ISSUE Offering yard greetings for events and celebrations. Perfect for baby showers! Social Circle 19 Get connected with manufacturers on social media. ABC Spring Conference Information you need to make plans to attend this annual Conference and Trade Show in May. Editor’s Choice Check out these companies making their mark in the industry! MUST HAVES! 12 Amazing products to help boost your sales and profits. OUR COVER February 2018 Meet Our Cover on Page 4! The ‘New’ Kind of Rubber Shoes. go-shins™ The New Kind of Rubber Shoes! Editor’s CHOICE Companies to check out for your stores! Prepare Yourself! Get ready for the JPMA and ABC Shows this Spring! 2 | PAGE 4 20 22 8-11