babyMaternity Retailer February 2018 - Page 14

INTRODUCING After exhaustive gift searching for a newborn and older sibling, we couldn’t find anything that fit our friend’s whimsical love of color and contemporary characters with unique features. So we went to work creating a new playful line of blankies – inspired by our favorite soft plush, but without the thick fill. Creating the playful colors and characters came quickly, now all we needed was a name both parents and kids would remember. Out of the mouths of babes (as they say) - our 2yr old little Bailey inspired us when she’d ask – you love mees? And our new name was born…Love Mees! What is a Love Mees? It’s a luxuriously soft, quirky character blankie designed in contemporary bright colors to be baby’s first snuggly friend they will “Love, Hug, Repeat”. The original Love Mees has a sweet little triangle face that lifts to see “LOVED” embroidered underneath – a quiet little way to show this new baby how special they truly are. Love Mees are available in a sleepy-eyed giraffe, cat, lamb and deer designs. Joining the Love Mees characters are Bite Mees and Soothe Mees. Bite Mees are kite shaped character blankies offered in a silly shark, zebra or bee with crinkle to calm and a teether for those days when only a good gnaw will do! Soothe Mees are shaped a little narrower and longer than Love Mees, so when a paci is added, the character is just the right size for a quiet snuggle. Soothe Mees are available in an adorable fox, cow and panda. All of the Love Mees characters have tiny ears and tails for easy grasping by baby’s small hands. We recommend mom sleep with the Love Mees, because it’s the smell of mom herself that a newborn loves most. GooseWaddle luxury blankets are coveted by moms and celebs alike as the most exquisite baby blanket for your precious little one. We believe that infants everywhere deserve to be swaddled in soft, soothing comfort, so we created GooseWaddle’s heart-warming “Buy 1, Give 1” campaign. For every GooseWaddle blanket that’s sold, the company donates a blanket to a child in need. Now isn’t that something worth sharing? Visit us at the Atlanta Gift Market in the B3 Booth 1111 Children’s World Temps beginning January 11th, 2018. SALES@GOOSEWADDLE.COM GOOSEWADDLE.COM 12 |