babyMaternity Retailer August 2017 - Page 18

ONE HAND CREAM APPLICATOR A SUCCESS STORY “Now I am ready to share SwipenSnap™ with the world, and help parents and childcare givers everywhere make diaper changes clean, easy and most importantly safe!” - Alina, Mom & Inventor. I was raised by an incredible woman that made me believe that anything was possible, with hard work, per- severance and love in my heart. Watch- ing her raise me and my sister as a single mother and provide us with an education and guidance gave me strength to believe. When I become a single mother myself, I stayed positive and true to her words. My son had very sensitive skin which forced me to apply ointment on his bottom during every diaper change, that was up to seven times a day. He was very squirmy no strap could keep him in place, so I had to always use one hand to hold him and was left with the other to apply the ointment. And my hands would always be sticky with residue from the water resistant ointment which was impossible to wash off. I looked for a product on the market that would help me solve all of these problems, but I could not find anything out there. Thats when I decided to invent one myself, so in 2009 I filed for a patent and five years later I was given a Patent for the Swipen- Snap™ “Patented One Hand Cream Ap- plicator”. Now I am ready to share it with the world and help parents and childcare givers everywhere make diaper changes clean, easy and most importantly safe! Pediatricians give SwipenSnap™ five stars. Dr. Johnson says “I highly recom- mend this product to all parents to prevent infections and keep their babies safe”. Parents and child care givers are thrilled with the time it saves them during each diaper change and with how easy it is to use. And babies love the soft feel of the spatula brush on their skin. Its a triple win! In addition to helping parents Alina Kravchenko also wants to donate $1 of each unit sold from her website www. to Save The Children Charity. Giving back is the heart and foun- dation of her company, where she hopes to raise enough to build schools and en- vironments where children can grow and thrive. Coming this Fall! Preorder now at www.! It makes for the perfect baby shower gift. BPA ED T N TE A P FREE Pre-Order Now at 346-704-1002 • • SwipenSnap™ is comparable with most top branded ointment tube creams visit for the full list. 16 |