babyMaternity Retailer August 2017 - Page 14

Editor’s CHOICE Cocoon Cam Now you don’t have to choose! Cocoon Cam is the only baby monitor that combines both vital sign monitoring with HD video and audio. Cocoon Cam makes tracking your baby’s sleep and vital signs easy, affordable and seamless. One lightweight system installs in five minutes, and sends proactive alerts right to your smartphone. You get breathing monitoring (which is the most important vital sign of all!), instant alerts when your baby needs your attention, sleep tracking, cry detection, personalized content for your baby’s development stage, and much more right inside an easy to use smartphone app. All without the need for any wearables; nothing touches your baby, their clothing or their bedding, so there’s no safety risk. Cocoon Cam’s patented technology brings the innovation of Silicon Valley into the nursery. 800.265.0245 GABRIALLA® Baby Change-N-Go GABRIALLA brand is over 20 years old and is recognized as the #1 Most Complete and Extensive Maternity Collection in the USA. Our award- winning lines include:   • Maternity Support Belts • Postpartum Binders and Girdles • Graduated Compression Hosiery • Body Shaping Girdles and Supports   Proudly made in the USA, our collection features unique, patented designs with use of natural, breathable materials including Egyptian cotton, Wool, Angora, and Milk Protein to provide all-day comfortable wear. Our brand philosophy is simple: To produce and provide stylish, high- quality support products for women during and after pregnancy. Our retail packaging is considered one of the best, with easy to read information in both English and Spanish. Baby Change-N-Go has revolution- ized the diaper change! Its portable and easily hangs on the bathroom stall door or wall to give you a clean, safe surface to change your baby. Af- terward, it folds up to fit in your diaper bag, backpack or stroller. CLEANER: Say good bye to germ infested surfaces - with Baby Change N Go there is no more prepping a dirty changing table while holding the baby, the diaper bag, AND a change of dia- per or clothes. DURABLE: Baby Change-N-Go is a FULL SIZE CHANGING TABLE, mea- suring 33” X 10 1/4” and is built strong enough to hold babies or toddlers up to 2 ½ years old and up to 40 lbs. Made from sturdy, waterproof, polyes- ter material your baby changing station will last you through multiple kids. SAFETY TESTED: Baby Change-N- Go has been safety tested, and comes equipped with a safety harness strap to keep baby securely fastened during diaper changes. Netting on each end ensures baby stays safely centered, while the padded bottom and side flap provides added comfort and privacy. 888.469.6600 804.320.2369