babyMaternity Retailer August 2016 - Page 9

12 Diaper Great Start Set Tidy Tots Diapers hot Picks 2016 Top Choice for Diapers! Special 10% off wholesale and free shipping. Save your customers time & money with a Great Start Set: 12 four-layer hemp diapers, 8 boosters, 6 Covers, 100 liners & a wet bag at an amazing price! 518.369.4235 The Catchie Car Seat 3-in-1 Protector Petit Coulou Catchie Concepts Zatnick No more searching for dropped toys and bottles! Patented, net-like feature keeps all items within arms reach. Seat and floor stays clean with the Catchie. Waterproof and easy to install. Protect what you hold most precious in the world whatever the season! Petit Coulou has a car seat or stroller cover available for each season. Make your travel a breeze all year long  with Petit Coulou.  Natural Feeding Bowls and Plates Pacific Baby Our product range is fully comprised of fashionable, practical and exciting items. Good for the environment, good for baby, and address the real concerns of today’s parents. Chic Nursing Shawl bamboobies bamboobies® Chic Nursing Shawl is a versatile wardrobe essential that’s so stylish and discreet, no one knows it’s a nursing cover! Made from soft & breathable eco-friendly bamboo rayon fabric, allowing for maximum comfort. NO Time For Baby Eczema Mom of 11 Kids, LLC Eczema outbreaks make baby and mom miserable. No time for that! Mom of 11 Kids ‘No Time for Baby Eczema’ is a mother’s skin-savior when soothing flare ups with fast, gentle and natural healing. Safe for all ages. 623.363.2644 • •