babyMaternity Retailer August 2016 - Page 18

TM pure. natural. baby. 100% Pure Natural Rubber Toys & Teethers Welcome to CaaOcho, a world of pure natural comfort, sensory stimulation and happy playtimes. CaaOcho brings the guaranteed and certified safety and quality of 100% pure natural rubber toys and teethers.  CaaOcho toys and teethers start as pure natural tree sap of the rubber tree that is minimally processed into durable pure natural rubber.  Certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free, CaaOcho toys and teethers are completely non-toxic and safe for baby and the Earth as natural rubber is entirely biodegradable.  CaaOcho has been created to offer babies all-natural and safe  soothing and fun.   CaaOcho teethers and teething toys support babies through all stages of teething from first incisors to last molars. CaaOcho unique sensory stimulating designs promote the development of baby’s senses and gross and fine motor skills. We design each toy to make sure it passes the safety, discovery, fun and serenity check. All CaaOcho bath toys are hermetically sealed to prevent mold growth and bacteria accumulation. We stand by the principle of quality over quantity. We have the highest standards of craftsmanship thanks to years in the baby toy industry, meaning our quality toys, handcrafted using traditional technology, are non toxic and long lasting to stand the test of baby’s time (and teeth!). We assert meticulous attention to every detail of our toys, from lovingly hand painted features to the various nubby textures to keep baby engaged. At the heart of CaaOcho  is baby.  We believe surrounding babies with pure natural materials at every step of their lives supports babies’ health.  We draw on this inspiration and our experience to create a line of 100% pure natural rubber toys and teethers that are safe, non-toxic, sensory and fun for babies to enjoy day after day.  We design every toy to become baby’s loved play companion from playing happily on the floor to splashing in the bath, from squeezing the toys with their hands to mouthing on them.   Baby’s nature is to explore and play.   Let’s nurture that, 100% naturally. • • 1.888.887.8228 16 |